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The notorious casting couch is the envy of every honest man. These

casting couch games

feature moviemakers, pornographers, talent scouts, and other powerful dudes with the money and influence to bring pretty girls through their doors. These women all want something -- usually fame and fortune -- and they don't mind sucking a lot of dick to get it! There's many a showbiz career started with reluctant sex on a casting couch. These lucky producers and directors and money men don't call it extortion or blackmail. To them, it's just one of the perks of being a big honcho in show business!
My Chara Mansion
Reality Show 4
Reality Show 3
Reality Show 2
Reality Show 1
3D Fuck Dolls
Hire Me, Fuck Me: Idols
The Photobook 6
The Photobook 5
Adrianne And Oliver
The Photobook 4
The Photobook 3
Kiss My Camera
The Photobook 1
Business Angels 8
Business Angels 7
Business Angels 6
Business Angels 5
50+ POV
Teens Do Porn
Shots For Cumshots
Wannabe Model
Casting Stories: Meeting Claire
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