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Puzzle, Trivia, Memory, Concentration, Branching

If you enjoy testing your brain these

quiz games

are for you! Some of them are concentration-type games where you have to remember what you see and answer questions about it correctly. Others test your trivia knowledge and memory of real-world facts, from geography to literature to science to your knowledge of porn stars and their careers. Some of these quizzes trigger different paths through complex branching and adventure games, but there are also simple puzzles where the quiz lets you show off your clever solution. Since these are porn games, none of these quizzes are too hard. Don't worry!
Beth And Morty
Library Lust
Seduce Em Up: Eight
A Date With Corona-Chan
3D Fuck Dolls
A Date With Earth-chan
Tom Boys In Suits
Sex Traveler: Africa
Your Character Here
Sex Tape 3
Guess Pole
Sex Traveler: Far East
Cupid Versus Cotton
Fists Of Love
Sex Traveler: USSR
Trials Of Snowi
Agent Fox Machine War
Fornicate With Nancy
Sex Traveler: Brazil
Seduce Em Up: Agent Fox
Seduce Em Up: Slut Quest
Snow Quiz
Pink Bunny
Robin Quiz
Real Adult Sex Game
Nodding Blonde
Jordan's College Life
Travel USA
Funny Summer
Hot Partner 4: Mommy Got Boobs
Sex Sim: Black Love
Sex Sim: Tiki Party
Hot Partner 3: Sex Dorm
Brothel: Nicole
Sexy Quiz
Sex Kitten Sim: Date 4
Hentai Layout