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Explorer xxx games

Map, Maze, Side-Scroller, Adventure, RPG

Exploration of many different kinds is featured in these

explorer games

. Most of them will require you to solve maze puzzles, move across fantasy maps to find x-rated game objectives, or zip through a perilous side-scrolling landscape full of beautiful monsters to find your objectives. But some of these games require you or the ladies you're fucking to explore in the sexual sense! If somebody's pleasure horizons are expanding until their body aches from orgasms and the jizz feels like it's going to start oozing out their ears, that's a successful exploration of which any adventurous sex-gamer should be proud.
Hentaied Dragon
Naughty Letters For Santa
The Magical Continent
Rogue Femme
School Of Lust
3D Fuck Dolls
Jonathan Cummings Sexxx Adventures 2
Lust Epidemic
Lola's Adventures 1
Into The Forest 6
Project Aura 2
Hentai Diaries
Booby Roofs
Frank's Adventure
Sex Kitten Sim: Date 4

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