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are funny as well as being sexy and fun to play. Humor in sex games is always fun! The games in this collection are often comical in the humor sense, as well as being illustrated like comic books with lots of bright colors and clean lines. Comic-style porn is very popular, and the XXX games genre is perfect for it. Often the comic book and animated TV traditions of Japan (anime, manga) are featured as well. Parody sex games riffing on familiar comics characters like Marvel, DC, and Disney are also very popular in the comics game arena.
Memoirs Of A Happy Dude
BDSM Dungeon Slave: The Beginning
YCH Cumdump Project
Porn Bastards 18: Black Widow
Super Smash Sluts: Penultimate
3D Fuck Dolls
Trick Or Treat On MILF Street
The Ashleys
Toon Treasure Hunt
Hentai Heroes
Comix Harem
Angel Under
Lewd Strips 6
Angel Under Prototype
Grand Fuck Auto: The Heist
Officer Juggs: Bad Moon Rising
Panties Run Remastered
Captain Freeman Comics Volume 2
Lewd Strips 5
My Favorite Heroes
Lewd Strips 4
Lewd Strips 3
Lewd Strips 2
Sex Traveler: Comic Convention
Void Club: Wonder Woman
Real Adult Sex Game
Lewd Strips
Captain Freeman Comics Volume 1
Void Club: One Piece
Agent Fox Machine War
Kinky Two
Seduce Em Up: Robin Versus Minotaur
Project Aura 2
Snow Bunny Adventures 4
Raven Unleashed
Snow Bunny Adventures 2
Aunt's House