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are funny as well as being sexy and fun to play. Humor in sex games is always fun! The games in this collection are often comical in the humor sense, as well as being illustrated like comic books with lots of bright colors and clean lines. Comic-style porn is very popular, and the XXX games genre is perfect for it. Often the comic book and animated TV traditions of Japan (anime, manga) are featured as well. Parody sex games riffing on familiar comics characters like Marvel, DC, and Disney are also very popular in the comics game arena.
Captain Freeman Comics Volume 1
Void Club: Naruto
Fucking My Hero 3
Void Club: One Piece
Agent Fox Machine War
Hentai Heroes
Kinky Two
Seduce Minotaur
Seven Lustful Sins
Sex No Jutsu
Project Aura 2
Snow Bunny Adventures 2
SP12: Good Ending
SP11: Self-Control Issues
Pornite Battle Royale
Hentami Volume 1
Pussy Saga
Enslaved Spies
Excited Aiko
Forced Sex
SimGirl DNA
Motoko vs Batou
Aisha Outlaw Star
Sim Girls 2
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Hentami's Dream
Room Of Desires 2
Guess Pole
Goal Moments
Shots For Cumshots
Totally Sluts
Sex Therapist 2
Funny Summer
Robin Quiz
House Of Fantasies 2
Big Boys Billiard
Sex Sim: Black Love
Panties Tycoon
Really Hot Sand 1