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myth games

will introduce you to the sexiest gods, men, monsters, and beasts from our rich mythical past. The chimerical bull-headed minotaur of legend who ravishes virgin sacrifices in the depths of his inescapable maze, the clever sex-crazed tricksters from Aesop's fables tricking chaste maidens into unfortunate bargains of sexual servitude, the lusty monsters and magical sex-predators in forgotten forests and trackless jungles: all these and more inhabit this collection of sex games. The infamously carnal centaurs with their stallion-sized cocks are in these games, along with horny harpies, merry mermaids, and those seductive bare-breasted sirens luring helpless sailors.
Captain Freeman Comics Volume 2
Welcome To Rome
Cupid Versus Cotton
Seduce Em Up: Robin Versus Minotaur
Furry Land
3D Fuck Dolls

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