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? Tentai is a portmanteau of 'hentai' and 'tentacle', so that slithery sound you hear in a tentai game is sure to be a tentacle monster sexing up some breathless squealing anime heroine. If the mere mention of hentai makes you think of insurgent tentacle dicks, you'll love these tentai games. Whether the tentacles in the game belong to a nightmare creature of Japanese erotic myth, a Cthuloid creature from the deeps, or a slimy bug eyed monster from outer space, if they're squirmy and slippery and love to invade our favorite heroines, it's a tentai game!
Robin Raid Sugar Gem Heist
Hentaied Dragon
Hentai Girl 5
Fae's Last Flight
Max The Elf
3D Fuck Dolls
Tentacle Pool Party
SlutCraft: Heat Of The Sperm
Void Club v2: Pokemon
Un/Holy 7: Part 4
Lewd Strips 6
The Void Club
Lola's Adventures 2
Seven Lustful Sins
Saving Soldier Ryanna 2
Jungle Girl: Tentacles Attack
Demon Girl

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