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Paparazzi, Model, Pop Star, Voyeur, Casting Couch

Lampooning the private sex lives of famous sexy people is the great fun in these

celebrity games

. These games strip naked the most exhalted models, movie stars, and pop icons, like Britney Spears or Miley Cyrus, and parody their celebrity by making them sexually available to everybody. In these games you might play a sleazy voyeur, a paparazzi, or just a happy chump who encounters one of these super sexy women when they are out slumming and slutting it up. You could be lucky enough to enjoy a virtual fuck with these superstars in a limo or a hotel sauna.
The Photobook 1
Sex Tape 4
Sex Tape 3
Sex Tape 2
Sex Tape 1
3D Fuck Dolls
Naked Shot
DJ Hookups In Ibiza
Drugs, Sex, & Molly Cyrus
The Horny Games
Britney Spears: Doggy Style
Britney Spears: On Top
Britney Spears: Head Session
Britney Spears: Dress Me Up
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