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Three Wishes, Harem, Sex Magic, Demon, Djinn


genie games

revolve around the mythical genies who live in their magic lamps and emerge to grant you three wishes. They resemble the djinn of fable, a kind of dangerous demon who will make you regret an unwise wish. But in these sex games, genies are usually benevolent, helpful, and horny, not the dangerous tricksters warns us against. Their magic in these games is sex magic, and the wishes they grant inevitably make your cock bigger, your seductive powers irresistible, your women malleable and eager, and your harem as full of eager pussy as any horndog adventurer could wish!
Revenge Of Harold
Ride The Raider
Jandora: King's Oasis
Jandora: King's Serpents
3D Fuck Dolls

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