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Harem Girl, Harem Slave, Genie, Three Wishes, Kidnapped


harem games

explore the fantasy of helpless women sequestered away in the barred and locked harems of powerful sultans, sheiks, and pashas. Harem girls may be kidnapped or bought as slaves, but either way, they aren't going anywhere except to their master's bed! A lot of these games feature genies and sex magic (like the famous three wishes), lush oases, camels and sand, and stern bearded men in white robes with huge curved swords and even bigger cocks. Also, some of these games go beyond the classic Orientalist fantasy. Anywhere powerful men accumulate numerous desirable women, it's a harem!
Trans Pornstar Harem
Treasure Of Nadia
Hire Me, Fuck Me 3
Hentai Heroes
Comix Harem
3D Fuck Dolls
Pornstar Harem
Void Club: Wonder Woman
Witchfuck: Swallow Harem
The Harem
Jandora: King's Oasis
Jandora: King's Serpents

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