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demonstrate the ancient truth that horror and sexual arousal are very close together. That's why horror movies have always been a great choice on date night! Games that feature malicious monsters and malevolent aliens or mad scientists in blood-soaked laboratories may be somewhat dark, but they're also enormously sexy and delicious. You wouldn't want to actually meet a creepy witch who uses dark spells and abusive sex magics to ensnare innocent sex partners, but as fantasies go it's great fun. Horror is the very near neighbor of adrenaline and erotic excitement, and these games will prove it to you.
Shuggerlain Camp Girls
SlutCraft: Heat Of The Sperm
Halloween Witches
Interactive Stripper: Halloween
3D Fuck Dolls
Treasure Of Nadia
Lust Epidemic
Toy Chaos
Lewd Strips 6
A Date With Corona-Chan
Magic Dorm
Halloween's Virgins
The Genesis Order
Void Club v2: Resident Evil
A Fuckmare On Oak Street
Resident Lust
Void Club: Call of Cockhulhu
Witchfuck: Bondage Of Fire
Witchfuck: The Fuck Wish
Void Club: Resident Evil
Witchfuck: Consummation
Into The Forest 7
Into The Forest 6
Into The Forest 5
Sex World 3D
Into The Forest 2
Halloween Gift 2
Halloween Gift 1
I Charged A Martian
Inked Ravens: Zombies Attack
Inked Ravens
Aunt's House