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blend the colorful internet sex romp gaming that brought you here with the rich and rude narrative cultures of manga, visual novels, cartoons, and anime. Usually these games feature your favorite superheroes and superheroines sexing things up in panel-by-panel storytelling, literally in the best traditions of comic books going back to the Golden Age. Cosplayers, otaku, and comics fans get chances to shine in these storylines also. Here you'll see everything from lush graphic-novel-style full-color cinematics to crude and raunchy gag panels reminiscent of the vintage erotic "8 page bibles" that were the earliest flowering of lewd comics.
Super Smash Sluts: Penultimate
Angel Under
Lewd Strips 6
Angel Under Prototype
Grand Fuck Auto: The Heist
3D Fuck Dolls
Officer Juggs: Bad Moon Rising
Panties Run Remastered
Lewd Strips 5
My Favorite Heroes
Lewd Strips 4
Lewd Strips 3
Sex Traveler: Comic Convention
Lewd Strips
Snow Bunny Adventures 2
Aunt's House

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