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Super Villain xxx games

Black Widow, Joker, Superhero, Superheroine, Comic Book

Everybody knows that bad boys have more fun, right? Well, these

super villain games

prove it! Your everyday superhero or superheroine do-gooder is too busy saving the world. They usually don't fuck anything that doesn't run away fast enough, but a horny supervillain never misses the chance! Morals? Ethics? Those are for losers! These bad guys pound their dicks into sexy civilians without shame, and when they actually defeat a masked and uniformed adversary, it's off to the castle of evil or the dungeon of pain. Villainous revenge is best served hot, with lots of spurting cum and maniacal laughter.
A Date With Corona-Chan
My Favorite Heroes
Super Heroine Hijinks 4
Superhero Sex Party
Captain Planet vs Dr. Blight
3D Fuck Dolls

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